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First Redmoon2 Events

15th December, 2021, 17:29:49     GMSunset

Hello everyone!

We are ready to announce the events which will be running from December the 16th to January the 3rd. Thank you for sharing Redmoon2 with your friends! Because of your effort the following 2 events will be activated!

1. The world of Redmoon has been invaded by alot of Small but Evil Santa Helpers. They carry snowballs which can be exchanged at the Christmas Tree in Street 1 and Downtown 1 for goodies! But once every 4 hours the real Santa appears in Street 1. You can't miss him because of its size... or should we say you will miss him!

The small Santa's spawn in each "killing" map. The higher the map the higher the chance a Santa will spawn. There can only be 2 Santa's in each map at a time, except when the event of the real Santa is live in Street 1

2. Experience will be increased by 10% and skill experience will be increased by 10%!