Redmoon Screenshot/Art Contest


Redmoon2 Development

Items and map
Redmoon2 resolution 1280*720
Halfway character select screen!
Passive to increase weight limit.
First glance at the possible new Quest window
Vigor Passive Icon
New Jarexx Skill icon
The first and brand new passive skill icon
New skill icon for Devils Kiss (Lavita).
One of Destino's new debuff skill icons.
Working on ground items
Experation timer
Testing using a quickyne! (Gif makes the hp bar flicker and creates weird colors)
Switching items around
Mouse over finished (for now)!
Building up the mouseover
Working on item mouseover
Weapon shows up correctly
Testing animated items
New inventory!
F3, F4 and F8 added!
Test with boosters different, buff images and coldcell.
Continue working on buffs
Working on buffs
All boosters
F2 stats filled in, font is really blurry..! Will be fixed later!
Started working on f2 UI
Something new?


Sahara 1 luring
Level 1 Battle Arena fights
Old Wyvern fights
Freedom village, lots of spawn
Old school dungeon1
Godulous blue theme Redmoon client!