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Redmoon2 1.4 - Signus patch launches on 15-09

13th September, 2022     GMSunset

Hello Redmoon Enthusiast,

So, you have unpacked your suitcase from your holidays and you're on your way right back to school and/or work? Want to get some excitement in those lingering days? We've got you covered -- come take one last summer trip with us... to Signus!

Redmoon2 is dropping Patch 1.4 this week, which includes a ton of new skills, monsters, and maps, introduces the Army system, a friends list system, and the eighth character: Sadad!

Here is a short promo on what you can expect!

Along with a ton of new content, we will also be kicking off TWO brand new, major events! One will feature a unique item hunt, and the other... a portal to your worst nightmare.

What are you waiting for? Check out the patch notes and connect with us through Discord!


GM Team

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New Event: Objective Hunt!

10th August, 2022     GMSunset

Hello @everyone,

We are happy to announce our next event which is a brand new event type: Objective Hunt!

It is quite simple... Play the game and perform certain tasks to gain rewards at the end of the event! To view the objectives, rewards and the rules, please look at the following webpage: LINK

The event starts on the 12th of august 00:00 and will end on the 11th september 23:59 (server time)! The objectives are updated once per hour.

Event is subject to change

Greetings, GM Team

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RedGames - Open Contact request

10th August, 2022     GMSunset

This is an open contact request, aimed for RedGames to read. We wish to come in contact with you, but see no other options other then e-mailing and this request. The content of what we would like to discuss is send to RedGames on November the 4th and a reminder on December the 17th. Please if you are an official at RedGames, contact us through our contact page or by replying our e-mails.

Thanks in advance!

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Content patch 1.3.1 launches on the 7th of July!

6th July, 2022     GMSunset

Hello everyone,

Were you waiting on playing Lavita or Destino? We got you covered! Lavita with a special mage skill tree and Destino with a new energy system, is about to release on the live server!

Check out our Discord channel #patch-notes to see all the other changes in 1.3.1!

Greetings, GMSunset and GMMeasure

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Content patch 1.3 launches on the 26th of May!

25th May, 2022     GMSunset

Hello everyone,

It is time..... for the next patch! This Thursday, tomorrow 26th of May we will be launching patch 1.3! The scheduled downtime will be on 13:00 server time until 17:00 server time. It will probably take less than 4 hours. We will keep you updated!

We, as in the Redmoon2 team and the testers, have been hard at work to getting this patch ready. This week we came to the point that the patch is viable for the live servers. Please note that we rather release patches sooner than later, because in the end you will find stuff to break anyways, I trust you all with that . This means anything is subject to change, especially the first week, that is stated in the patch-notes and we have to monitor the servers stability. So please bear with us and report anything unusual or unbalanced, as the community have already done so greatly in the feedback channel. As always, reporting exploits will fetch you a nice reward! Using exploits will result in a ban.

Special thanks to our community members @Exo and @buttsludge who have worked hard on the new damage formula and data for items and skills!

So thats it...? Not really! The website has been updated as well. You can now see your instance ranking (based on clear speed) at "Rankings->Dungeons". Also the "Game Guide" has been expanded quite a lot and will automatically be updated after the patch launches in terms of items/skills!

So... now we are done right? What about a new event?! Okay... what about an Auction event? You will have until the 1st of July to collect Auction Tickets. Which may fetch you an unique item, skill point packages, free upgrades and more! Details will be shared later, as we will be holding 2 types of auction (one on Discord over an X period and one live ingame)!

Thanks for all the love and support!

Greetings, GMSunset and GMMeasure

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