Redmoon2, the basics!

What is Redmoon2?

  • A whole new game + server engine, so anything should be possible to make (within the context of Redmoon);
  • Content up to level 200 with 3 characters Philar, Lunarena and Jarexx (first release);
  • New rare items with random stats;
  • New skill system with skill points and upgrades with revamped (special) skills;
  • New cosmetics to transform your weapon;
  • New quests/instances with more challenging fights;
  • Balance changes to items, skills, characters, monsters, experience;
  • Bigger resolution, world events, new bosses, no hard level cap, custom skill buttons, auto patcher, cheat detection, select target, account bank, damage numbers... and alot more!

What is Redmoon2 not (yet)?

  • Pvp / Battle Arena;
  • Army / Wars;
  • Unique / Sunset items;
  • Mail system
  • Auction House
  • Content after level 200 with the other characters;
We keep on working to make this list appear on the list above!

Installation guide (Windows only)

  • Download Redmoon2
  • Install the game preferable in your drive root folder (C:/)
  • You are ready to go! :)
  • To de- or reinstall remove the installation folder after the deinstallation

Experience and skill experience

The experience you gain from monsters is different from Redmoon1:
  • When killing monsters below your own level you gain reduced experience. -2% per level with a max of -95% (soft level cap);
  • When killing monsters you always gain the same amount of skill experience;
  • While grouped you gain 90% experience with 2 players, 95% with 3, 100% with 4 and 105% with 5;
  • If the level difference in your group is higher than level / 2 (minimum 20 and maximum 100), you gain no experience;
  • While grouped, the highest level in the group counts for the monster level experience reduction;

Debuff system

  • There is a new stat called debuff resist and a skill can have a debuff level;
  • The time or if a debuff hits depends on the debuff level and the resist of a target;
  • If the debuff resist is higher or equal to the debuff level, the debuff won't be applied;
  • For each level of difference between resist and level, 25% of the debuff time gets added. For example debuff level 5 vs. resist 6, is 25% debuff duration or 4 vs. 6 is 50% (with a maximum of 100%);
  • There is also a cleanse stat, which works the other way around (for example pass). With cleanse the REMAINING debuff time gets reduced based on the cleanse level vs. the debuff level;
Buffs work the same as the old Redmoon, except 2 new possible restrictions were added (moving and casting skills)

Attack, hit and defense formula

  • (PVM) HIT: Skill base hitchance + stat hitchance + the % difference between dex or spr between the targets - the stat mis chance of the target;
  • (PVM) DAMAGE STEP 1 STR: Str * (0.1 + (Str / 750)) + dex + level * (1 + (level / 50));
  • (PVM) DAMAGE STEP 1 DEX: Dex * (0.1f + (Dex / 750)) + str + level * (1 + (level / 50));
  • (PVM) DAMAGE STEP 1 SPR: Spr * (0.1f + (Spr / 750)) + (spr / 2) + level * (1 + (level / 50));
  • (PVM) DAMAGE STEP 2: (Damage + attack) * amplifier + flat attack;
  • (PVM) DAMAGE STEP 3 (if min/max damage is not 100): Damage is randomly multiplied by a number between minimum and maximum damage;
  • (PVM) DAMAGE STEP 4: Damage / 5 (temp fix);
  • (PVM) DEFENSE: (Damage - (defense * defense multiplier)) - %defense reduction;
Buffs work the same as the old Redmoon, except 2 new possible restrictions were added (moving and casting skills)

Commands & quick buttons

Commands Result
/?View available commands (check history)
/music NUMBERSet music volume between 0-100
/sound NUMBERSet sound volume between 0-100
/togglemusiclobbyToggle login music
/togglemusicToggle music
/shortkeymodeToggle shortkeymode for using quickbar items quickly (not for skills)
/unstuckMove to street2 (has cooldown)
/trade TEXTTrade a player (has to be in the same map)
/xyView location (in chat)
/a /g /l /n /wChange chat type
/a /g /l /n /w TEXTChat with messagetype
/logLog current status of the game engine
/block TEXTBlock messages from player
/blocklistView blocked players
/boostertimerShow booster timers
Enter commands by typing /X ingame in the messagebox

Quick button Result
ALT + TTrade selected player
ALT + GGroup selected player
ALT + RToggle resolution
ALT + FToggle full screen mode
ALT + UToggle UI border
PrtScnMake a screenshot (saved in root folder)
Numpad 1Toggle debug information
Numpad 2Toggle debug hitboxes
EscapeDeselect selected target
Double click name in chatStart whisper
Shift + hover over buffShow buff stats