HQ War

Description HQ war is a PVP oriented map that is designed to allow players of any level to participate and with/without an Army. The HQ war only runs once per week and the winning Army will claim the HQ and its benefits for one week.

HQ map can be accessed via the HQ Lobby which can be accessed through the elevator in the Army Hall. The HQ lobby contains a food shop owner. Only an X amount of players per army can join the HQ war. The X number increases when more members of an opposite army joins the map.

Everyone who is not in an Army, can attack everyone else (unless grouped). If you are in an Army, you can attack everyone else besides your own Army members.

Basic flow of the HQ War:
  1. Opening of the HQ War is announced 5 minutes prior;
  2. When the map opens, you can pick a side from which angle you want to enter the HQ map (best be the same as your whole Army or slow down another Army and warp to their location);
  3. Upon entering the map, you must first clear some fences to proceed to the Guard Phase;
  4. Guard Phase: Deal damage to the guard as an Army. The guard is located on the top side of the center. After some time the guard will move, locking everyone in place who is currently attacking him (so other armies have a chance to damage the Guard as well);
  5. Once the guard dies, the top 3 armies who dealt the most damage will proceed to the next phase, the Seal Phase. All other players can still make PvP score;
  6. Seal Phase: The top 3 armies will get their own seal. The number 1 army will get their seal in the center, 2nd on on the left side of the map, 3rd one on the right side of the map. The seal give a radiating aura buff, so the defending party has an advance. The goal is to defend your own seal as an Army, while also taking down the seal of the opposing armies. The army with the last seal standing, wins the HQ war! The defending army seal, who has control over the HQ, has -40% HP. The seals will receive a 90 seconds untargetable buff at 75-50-25% HP left, if you kill 3 of aligned army members the buff will be removed.
War schedule (server time)
Use /time command ingame to view the servertime
Saturday at 06:00 (moves up +7 hours every week, so all time zone have a chance to join)
Rejoin / Respawn You can (re)join the HQ War while it is running. When you died, you will respawn in the HQ Lobby.
Player killing Upon killing another player, you gain 1 + (200 - (level delta + 50) / 11) score. Delta can be max 200 and minimal is 0.
  • Winning Army will own the HQ for a week, they can enter the map at all times during this week and gain extra stats during this period;
  • Winning Army commander will gain a 7 day duration God of War;
  • Every player who joins will have a personal PvP score. Kill someone (last hit) will give you PvP score. At the end of the HQ war, the number one player will receive 500 PP, the second one -9% of 500, third one -9% of -9% etc. Everyone who joins will receive at least 100 PP and a Highest Chest;
  • Killing the fences, guard and seal will give you Skill Experience;
  • At the end of the war everyone will get a 1 hour buff with increased experience + other stats like HP
PvP Points (PP)PvP Points can be used to purchase items at the Trader inside the map. You can view your PvP Points in your character info screen (F2).
Start of the match, kill the fences!
Guard Phase, deal damage to the guard!
Seal Phase, kill the opposing seal while defending your own!