Sunset Upgrading

On this page you will find information about 5 types of Sunset upgrading:
  1. Normal Sunset upgrading;
  2. Stage 5 Sunset upgrading;
  3. Transfusing Sunset Orb into a regular Sunset;
  4. Craft a Nauthiz Bracer;
  5. Directly add a stage to a Sunset (Voucher System);
You will also find all Sunset stats at the bottom of this page!

Normal Sunset upgrading

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How to upgrade a Sunset?

  • Go to an Upgrade Center in one of the Sky maps;
  • Click the "Upgrade a Sunset" option;
  • Enter the Sunset item you wish to upgrade;
  • Verify if the output is desired and take note that the inserted may dissapear in the proces;
  • Press "OK" to upgrade the Sunset item;
  • Either you get a random stat, stage or the item breaks with a chance at certain threshhold points;
Breaking a Sunset item will give you Upgrade Points (account bind) and Vouchers (see below what to do with Vouchers). With Upgrade Points your chance of breaking the item will reduce. When succesfully upgrading a Sunset item pass a breakpoint, some or all Upgrade Points may be consumed!

How can you obtain Sunset Items?

Sunsets drop directly from monsters starting from Signus and up. You can also buy them with Sun Stones. Sun Stones can be acquired by breaking Signus Rares, finding them directly or doing for example daily quests/dungeons.

Stage 5 Sunset upgrading

How to upgrade a Stage 5 Sunset?

  • Collect Sunset points by farming Sunset Point Potions or break Sunsets (not normal breaking of items) at the special NPC in School Dungeon 3;
  • Perform special Stage 5 upgrades at the same special NPC;

How can you obtain Stage 5 Sunsets?

It requires a special item dropped in School Dungeon 3 from Aguilas. This item can be exchanged and be brought to an NPC which spawns after finishing School Dungeon 3 Elite.

Transfusing Sunset Orb into a regular Sunset

Sun Orb Item

Transfusion window
What is a Sun Orb?

A Sun Orb can be upgraded and if you like the stage/stats, you can copy the stage/stats to a clear Sunset with a Catalyst Chamber. The Sun Orb will be destroyed, but your Sunset obtains the stage/stats! (Cannot be used on Nauthiz Bracers)

How to use a Sun Orb?

  • First upgrade a Sun Orb until you have one you would like to use
  • Go to an Upgrade Center in one of the Sky maps;
  • Click the "Transfuse Sun Orb into Sunset" option;
  • Enter a clear (this means stage 0 and 0 stats) Sunset;
  • Enter the Sun Orb you wish to transfure into your Sunset item;
  • Verify if the output is desired and take note that the Sun Orb will dissapear in the proces and a Catalyst Chamber will be consumed;
  • Press "OK" to transfuse the Sun Orb into your Sunset item;
  • Your Sunset item now contains the stags/stats from your Sun Orb;

How can you obtain a Sun Orb?

Currently the only way to obtain a Sun Orb is through the donation shop.

How can you obtain a Catalyst Chamber?

Dropping from monsters and buying from the Skirmish shop (Note: the price changes based on how many you buy each month, but resets monthly)!

Crafting Nauthiz Bracers

Bracer crafting window

Nauthiz Bracer stats
What is a Nauthiz Bracer?

Nauthiz Bracers can be crafted from a none Sunset bracer and copy its stats to this Nauthiz Bracer. After crafting the Nauthiz Bracers, the Bracers can be upgraded as a normal Sunset item!

How to craft a Nauthiz Bracer?

  • Go to an Upgrade Center in one of the Sky maps;
  • Click the "Craft Nauthiz Bracer" option;
  • Enter the none Sunset bracers who you would like to craft into a Nauthiz Bracer;
  • Verify if the output is desired and take note that the Bracers will dissapear in the proces and the materials will be consumed;
  • Press "OK" to craft the Nauthiz Bracers;
  • A new clear Nauthiz Bracer will be added to your inventory with the stats of the entered Bracers;
Note that the stats do not add on to eachother, the RANDOM ROLLED stats from the none inserted bracer will override the Nauthiz Bracers base stats! Plus any shard / upgrade level will be removed!

Voucher System

Example Voucher

Voucher add stage Window
What is this Voucher system?

Always have bad luck when upgrading Sunset items? With the voucher system, you gain Vouchers when breaking items through Sunset upgrading. Those vouchers can be used on your items to directly add a stage!

Which Vouchers are out there?

There are Nauthiz, Majestic, Weapon and Orb vouchers, which can only be used on their corresponding Sunset items;

How to use Vouchers on a Sunset item?

  • Go to an Upgrade Center in one of the Sky maps;
  • Click the "Add a Stage to a Sunset with Vouchers" option;
  • Enter the Sunset item you wish to add a stage to;
  • Verify if the output is desired and take note that the Vouchers will be consumed;
  • Press "OK" to add a stage to the Sunset item;
Note that whenever the Sunset is at a breaking point, that it will replace one of the stats randomly. If its not at a breaking point, it will add a stage (+1 level)!

Sunset Stats

Note that the following formula applies on calculating Sunset Stats:
  • If you are a Philar, Azlar, Kitara or Lavita with more bonus points into Spirit, you are considered a Mage. So the same Sunset can have different stats depending if you equip it on a Mage or a Melee;
  • The base stats mean the base stats used for each point in a stat. For example a Helm will give 25 Strength for each point of Strength it has on the Sunset item. However this number gets increased by the level of you Sunset. The formula is base stat + (level / 2) * points in stats. So the same helm level 40 with 10 Strength, will give (25 + (40 / 2)) * 10 = 350 Strength on top of the strength on the item itself (if any);
Name Stats
Item: Nauthiz Helmet Mage mpCostReductionPercentage=5, spr=500, pickUpRadius=1, attackMagicAllFlat=2000, defenseAllFlat=7000
Item: Nauthiz Helmet Melee mpCostReductionPercentage=5, dex=500, pickUpRadius=1, attackMagicAllFlat=-4000, defenseAllFlat=9000, defensePveFlat=900
Item: Nauthiz Armor Mage str=400, spr=300, dex=300, pow=300, weightLimit=25, attackMagicAllFlat=2000, attackMagicAllFlatPerLevel=1, defenseAllFlat=20000
Item: Nauthiz Armor Melee str=400, spr=300, dex=300, pow=300, attackAllFlatPerLevel=1, attackMagicAllFlat=-4000, defenseAllFlat=23000, defensePveFlat=2300
Item: Nauthiz Pants Mage spr=300, pow=400, weightLimit=80, attackMagicAllFlat=2000, defenseAllFlat=4000
Item: Nauthiz Pants Melee str=200, dex=200, pow=400, weightLimit=60, attackMagicAllFlat=-4000, defenseAllFlat=5000, defensePveFlat=500
Item: Nauthiz Boots Mage staminaProcent=10, staminaRegen=5, dex=1000, attackMagicAllFlat=2000, defenseAllFlat=6000
Item: Nauthiz Boots Melee staminaProcent=10, staminaRegen=5, dex=1000, attackAllFlat=3000, attackMagicAllFlat=-4000, defenseAllFlat=8000, defensePveFlat=800
Item: Nauthiz Shield Mage pow=1000, attackMagicAllFlat=2000, defenseAllFlat=13000, defenseAllDecreaseProcent=2
Item: Nauthiz Shield Melee pow=1000, attackMagicAllFlat=-4000, defenseAllFlat=15000, defenseAllDecreaseProcent=2, defensePveFlat=1500
Item: Nauthiz Gloves Mage str=900, pickUpRadius=1, attackMagicAllFlat=2000, defenseAllFlat=2000
Item: Nauthiz Gloves Melee str=900, pickUpRadius=1, attackAllFlat=3000, attackAllFlatPerLevel=15, attackMagicAllFlat=-4000, defenseAllFlat=2500, defensePveFlat=250
Item: Nauthiz Belt Mage pow=600, attackMagicAllFlat=2000, defenseAllFlat=7500
Item: Nauthiz Belt Melee pow=600, attackMagicAllFlat=-4000, defenseAllFlat=10000, defensePveFlat=1000
Item: Manus Blade str=1200, dex=2000, pow=1000, attackAllFlat=50000, attackAllMultiplier=20, defenseAllFlat=6000, defensePveFlat=600
Item: Sauvagine str=1400, dex=1000, pow=600, attackAllFlat=63000, attackAllMultiplier=20, defenseAllFlat=1000, defensePveFlat=100
Item: Creationier str=1400, pow=600, attackAllFlat=62000, attackAllMultiplier=20, defenseAllFlat=2000, defensePveFlat=200
Item: Destruction str=1200, dex=1500, pow=800, attackAllFlat=50000, attackAllMultiplier=20, defenseAllFlat=6000, defensePveFlat=600
Item: Measure str=1000, pow=650, attackAllFlat=15000, attackAllMultiplier=20, attackMagicAllFlat=40000
Item: Hypnotic str=700, dex=1500, dexPercentage=5, attackAllFlat=12000, attackAllFlatPerLevel=150, defenseAllFlat=1000, defensePveFlat=100
Item: Majestic Amulet str=500, spr=1000, dex=500, pow=500, dexPerBP=-100, attackAllMultiplier=2, attackMagicAllFlatPerLevel=20, attackAllHitChancePercentage=4, defenseAllFlat=1500, defensePvpFlat=100
Item: Majestic Ring spr=2500, dexPerBP=-100, weightLimit=25, attackAllMultiplier=12, attackMagicAllFlat=8000, attackMagicAllFlatPerLevel=4, defensePvpFlat=100
Item: Nauthiz Bracer mpCostReductionPercentage=2, strPercentage=1, sprPercentage=1, dexPercentage=1, powPercentage=1, attackAllFlat=2000, attackMagicAllFlat=5000, defenseAllFlat=1000, defenseAllMultiplier=1
Item: Upgraded Nauthiz Helmet Mage hpFlat=4000, mpCostReductionPercentage=8, spr=600, pickUpRadius=2, attackMagicAllFlat=2000, defenseAllFlat=7700, defenseAllMultiplier=2
Item: Upgraded Nauthiz Helmet Melee hpFlat=5000, mpCostReductionPercentage=8, dex=600, pickUpRadius=2, attackMagicAllFlat=-4000, defenseAllFlat=9900, defenseAllMultiplier=2, defensePveFlat=1485
Item: Upgraded Nauthiz Armor Mage hpFlat=4000, str=450, spr=450, dex=450, pow=450, weightLimit=30, attackMagicAllFlat=2000, attackMagicAllFlatPerLevel=2, defenseAllFlat=22000, defenseAllMultiplier=2
Item: Upgraded Nauthiz Armor Melee hpFlat=5000, str=450, spr=450, dex=450, pow=450, attackAllFlatPerLevel=2, attackMagicAllFlat=-4000, defenseAllFlat=25300, defenseAllMultiplier=2, defensePveFlat=3795
Item: Upgraded Nauthiz Pants Mage hpFlat=4000, hpTotalProcent=1, spr=400, pow=450, weightLimit=90, attackMagicAllFlat=2000, defenseAllFlat=4400, defenseAllMultiplier=2
Item: Upgraded Nauthiz Pants Melee hpFlat=5000, hpTotalProcent=1, str=300, dex=300, pow=450, weightLimit=70, attackMagicAllFlat=-4000, defenseAllFlat=5500, defenseAllMultiplier=2, defensePveFlat=825
Item: Upgraded Nauthiz Boots Mage hpFlat=4000, staminaProcent=12, staminaRegen=6, dex=1100, attackMagicAllFlat=2000, defenseAllFlat=6600, defenseAllMultiplier=2
Item: Upgraded Nauthiz Boots Melee hpFlat=5000, staminaProcent=12, staminaRegen=6, dex=1100, attackAllFlat=3000, attackMagicAllFlat=-4000, defenseAllFlat=8800, defenseAllMultiplier=2, defensePveFlat=1320
Item: Upgraded Nauthiz Shield Mage hpFlat=4000, pow=1100, attackMagicAllFlat=2000, defenseAllFlat=14300, defenseAllMultiplier=2, defenseAllDecreaseProcent=3
Item: Upgraded Nauthiz Shield Melee hpFlat=5000, pow=1100, attackMagicAllFlat=-4000, defenseAllFlat=16500, defenseAllMultiplier=2, defenseAllDecreaseProcent=3, defensePveFlat=2475
Item: Upgraded Nauthiz Gloves Mage hpFlat=4000, str=1000, pickUpRadius=2, attackMagicAllFlat=2000, defenseAllFlat=2200, defenseAllMultiplier=2
Item: Upgraded Nauthiz Gloves Melee hpFlat=5000, str=1000, pickUpRadius=2, attackAllFlat=3000, attackAllFlatPerLevel=18, attackMagicAllFlat=-4000, defenseAllFlat=2750, defenseAllMultiplier=2, defensePveFlat=425
Item: Upgraded Nauthiz Belt Mage hpFlat=4000, pow=700, attackMagicAllFlat=2000, defenseAllFlat=8250, defenseAllMultiplier=2, defenseAllDecreaseProcent=1
Item: Upgraded Nauthiz Belt Melee hpFlat=5000, pow=700, attackMagicAllFlat=-4000, defenseAllFlat=11000, defenseAllMultiplier=2, defenseAllDecreaseProcent=1, defensePveFlat=1650
Item: Upgraded Manus Blade hpFlat=5000, str=1300, dex=2000, pow=1000, attackAllFlat=52000, attackAllMultiplier=30, defenseAllFlat=6000, defenseAllMultiplier=2, defenseAllEvasion=100, defensePveFlat=600
Item: Upgraded Sauvagine hpFlat=5000, str=1500, dex=1050, pow=600, attackAllFlat=66000, attackAllMultiplier=30, defenseAllFlat=1000, defenseAllMultiplier=2, defenseAllEvasion=100, defensePveFlat=100
Item: Upgraded Creationier hpFlat=5000, str=1500, dex=200, pow=600, attackAllFlat=65000, attackAllMultiplier=30, attackAllAccuracy=200, defenseAllFlat=2000, defenseAllMultiplier=2, defensePveFlat=200
Item: Upgraded Destruction hpFlat=5000, str=1300, dex=1500, pow=800, attackAllFlat=52000, attackAllMultiplier=30, attackAllAccuracy=200, defenseAllFlat=6000, defenseAllMultiplier=2, defensePveFlat=600
Item: Upgraded Measure hpFlat=5000, str=1000, spr=3000, pow=650, attackAllFlat=20000, attackAllMultiplier=30, attackMagicAllFlat=45000
Item: Upgraded Hypnotic hpFlat=5000, str=900, dex=1500, strPercentage=1, dexPercentage=6, attackAllFlat=14000, attackAllMultiplier=10, attackAllFlatPerLevel=160, attackAreaProcent=1, defenseAllFlat=1000, defensePveFlat=100
Item: Upgraded Majestic Amulet str=500, spr=1000, dex=500, pow=500, dexPerBP=-100, attackAllMultiplier=4, attackMagicAllFlatPerLevel=22, attackAllHitChancePercentage=4, defenseAllFlat=1750, defensePvpFlat=300
Item: Upgraded Majestic Ring spr=2600, dexPerBP=-100, weightLimit=30, attackAllMultiplier=16, attackMagicAllFlat=9000, attackMagicAllFlatPerLevel=5, defensePvpFlat=300
Item: Upgraded Nauthiz Bracer hpFlat=5000, mpCostReductionPercentage=4, strPercentage=2, sprPercentage=2, dexPercentage=2, powPercentage=2, attackAllFlat=4000, attackMagicAllFlat=10000, defenseAllFlat=2000, defenseAllMultiplier=2
Item: Enhanced Nauthiz Helmet Mage hpFlat=8000, mpCostReductionPercentage=12, spr=700, pickUpRadius=2, attackMagicAllFlat=2000, defenseAllFlat=8400, defenseAllMultiplier=5
Item: Enhanced Nauthiz Helmet Melee hpFlat=10000, mpCostReductionPercentage=12, dex=700, pickUpRadius=2, attackMagicAllFlat=-4000, defenseAllFlat=10800, defenseAllMultiplier=5, defensePveFlat=2160
Item: Enhanced Nauthiz Armor Mage hpFlat=8000, str=500, spr=500, dex=500, pow=500, weightLimit=35, attackMagicAllFlat=2000, attackMagicAllFlatPerLevel=4, defenseAllFlat=24000, defenseAllMultiplier=5
Item: Enhanced Nauthiz Armor Melee hpFlat=10000, str=500, spr=500, dex=500, pow=500, attackAllFlatPerLevel=4, attackMagicAllFlat=-4000, defenseAllFlat=27600, defenseAllMultiplier=5, defensePveFlat=5520
Item: Enhanced Nauthiz Pants Mage hpFlat=8000, hpTotalProcent=2, spr=500, pow=500, weightLimit=100, attackMagicAllFlat=2000, defenseAllFlat=4800, defenseAllMultiplier=5
Item: Enhanced Nauthiz Pants Melee hpFlat=10000, hpTotalProcent=3, str=400, dex=400, pow=500, weightLimit=80, attackMagicAllFlat=-4000, defenseAllFlat=6000, defenseAllMultiplier=5, defensePveFlat=1200
Item: Enhanced Nauthiz Boots Mage hpFlat=8000, staminaProcent=15, staminaRegen=7, dex=1200, attackMagicAllFlat=2000, defenseAllFlat=7200, defenseAllMultiplier=5
Item: Enhanced Nauthiz Boots Melee hpFlat=10000, staminaProcent=15, staminaRegen=7, dex=1200, attackAllFlat=3000, attackMagicAllFlat=-4000, defenseAllFlat=9600, defenseAllMultiplier=5, defensePveFlat=1920
Item: Enhanced Nauthiz Shield Mage hpFlat=8000, pow=1200, attackMagicAllFlat=2000, defenseAllFlat=15600, defenseAllMultiplier=5, defenseAllDecreaseProcent=4
Item: Enhanced Nauthiz Shield Melee hpFlat=10000, pow=1200, attackMagicAllFlat=-4000, defenseAllFlat=18000, defenseAllMultiplier=5, defenseAllDecreaseProcent=4, defensePveFlat=3600
Item: Enhanced Nauthiz Gloves Mage hpFlat=8000, str=1100, pickUpRadius=3, attackMagicAllFlat=2000, defenseAllFlat=2400, defenseAllMultiplier=5
Item: Enhanced Nauthiz Gloves Melee hpFlat=10000, str=1100, pickUpRadius=3, attackAllFlat=3000, attackAllFlatPerLevel=21, attackMagicAllFlat=-4000, defenseAllFlat=3000, defenseAllMultiplier=5, defensePveFlat=600
Item: Enhanced Nauthiz Belt Mage hpFlat=8000, pow=800, attackMagicAllFlat=2000, defenseAllFlat=9000, defenseAllMultiplier=5, defenseAllDecreaseProcent=2
Item: Enhanced Nauthiz Belt Melee hpFlat=10000, pow=800, attackMagicAllFlat=-4000, defenseAllFlat=12000, defenseAllMultiplier=5, defenseAllDecreaseProcent=2, defensePveFlat=2400
Item: Enhanced Manus Blade hpFlat=12000, str=1500, dex=2000, pow=1000, attackAllFlat=55000, attackAllMultiplier=40, defenseAllFlat=6000, defenseAllMultiplier=5, defenseAllEvasion=150, defensePveFlat=600
Item: Enhanced Sauvagine hpFlat=12000, str=1700, dex=1100, pow=600, attackAllFlat=71000, attackAllMultiplier=40, defenseAllFlat=1000, defenseAllMultiplier=5, defenseAllEvasion=200, defensePveFlat=100
Item: Enhanced Creationier hpFlat=12000, str=1700, dex=400, pow=600, attackAllFlat=70000, attackAllMultiplier=40, attackAllAccuracy=300, defenseAllFlat=2000, defenseAllMultiplier=5, defensePveFlat=200
Item: Enhanced Destruction hpFlat=12000, str=1500, dex=1500, pow=800, attackAllFlat=55000, attackAllMultiplier=40, attackAllAccuracy=300, defenseAllFlat=6000, defenseAllMultiplier=5, defensePveFlat=600
Item: Enhanced Measure hpFlat=10000, str=1000, spr=3400, pow=650, attackAllFlat=25000, attackAllMultiplier=40, attackMagicAllFlat=48000, debuffResistPenatration=1
Item: Enhanced Hypnotic hpFlat=10000, str=1100, dex=1500, strPercentage=2, dexPercentage=8, attackAllFlat=16000, attackAllMultiplier=20, attackAllFlatPerLevel=170, attackAreaProcent=2, defenseAllFlat=1000, defensePveFlat=100
Item: Enhanced Majestic Amulet str=500, spr=1000, dex=500, pow=500, dexPerBP=-100, attackAllMultiplier=7, attackMagicAllFlatPerLevel=25, attackAllHitChancePercentage=4, defenseAllFlat=2000, defensePvpFlat=600
Item: Enhanced Majestic Ring spr=2700, dexPerBP=-100, weightLimit=35, attackAllMultiplier=20, attackMagicAllFlat=11000, attackMagicAllFlatPerLevel=6, defensePvpFlat=600
Item: Enhanced Nauthiz Bracer hpFlat=10000, mpCostReductionPercentage=6, strPercentage=3, sprPercentage=3, dexPercentage=3, powPercentage=3, attackAllFlat=6000, attackMagicAllFlat=15000, defenseAllFlat=3000, defenseAllMultiplier=3
Item: Augmented Nauthiz Helmet Mage hpFlat=12000, mpCostReductionPercentage=18, spr=800, pickUpRadius=3, attackMagicAllFlat=2000, defenseAllFlat=9100, defenseAllMultiplier=9
Item: Augmented Nauthiz Helmet Melee hpFlat=15000, mpCostReductionPercentage=18, dex=800, pickUpRadius=3, attackMagicAllFlat=-4000, defenseAllFlat=11700, defenseAllMultiplier=9, defensePveFlat=2925
Item: Augmented Nauthiz Armor Mage hpFlat=12000, str=550, spr=550, dex=550, pow=550, weightLimit=40, attackMagicAllFlat=2000, attackMagicAllFlatPerLevel=7, defenseAllFlat=26000, defenseAllMultiplier=9
Item: Augmented Nauthiz Armor Melee hpFlat=15000, str=550, spr=550, dex=550, pow=550, attackAllFlatPerLevel=7, attackMagicAllFlat=-4000, defenseAllFlat=29900, defenseAllMultiplier=9, defensePveFlat=7475
Item: Augmented Nauthiz Pants Mage hpFlat=12000, hpTotalProcent=3, spr=600, pow=550, weightLimit=110, attackMagicAllFlat=2000, defenseAllFlat=5200, defenseAllMultiplier=9
Item: Augmented Nauthiz Pants Melee hpFlat=15000, hpTotalProcent=5, str=500, dex=500, pow=550, weightLimit=90, attackMagicAllFlat=-4000, defenseAllFlat=6500, defenseAllMultiplier=9, defensePveFlat=1625
Item: Augmented Nauthiz Boots Mage hpFlat=12000, staminaProcent=19, staminaRegen=9, dex=1400, attackMagicAllFlat=2000, defenseAllFlat=7800, defenseAllMultiplier=9
Item: Augmented Nauthiz Boots Melee hpFlat=15000, staminaProcent=19, staminaRegen=9, dex=1400, attackAllFlat=3000, attackMagicAllFlat=-4000, defenseAllFlat=10400, defenseAllMultiplier=9, defensePveFlat=2600
Item: Augmented Nauthiz Shield Mage hpFlat=12000, pow=1300, attackMagicAllFlat=2000, defenseAllFlat=16900, defenseAllMultiplier=9, defenseAllDecreaseProcent=5
Item: Augmented Nauthiz Shield Melee hpFlat=15000, pow=1300, attackMagicAllFlat=-4000, defenseAllFlat=19500, defenseAllMultiplier=9, defenseAllDecreaseProcent=6, defensePveFlat=4875
Item: Augmented Nauthiz Gloves Mage hpFlat=12000, str=1300, pickUpRadius=4, attackMagicAllFlat=2000, defenseAllFlat=2600, defenseAllMultiplier=9
Item: Augmented Nauthiz Gloves Melee hpFlat=15000, str=1300, pickUpRadius=4, attackAllFlat=3000, attackAllFlatPerLevel=25, attackMagicAllFlat=-4000, defenseAllFlat=3250, defenseAllMultiplier=9, defensePveFlat=825
Item: Augmented Nauthiz Belt Mage hpFlat=12000, pow=1000, attackMagicAllFlat=2000, defenseAllFlat=9750, defenseAllMultiplier=9, defenseAllDecreaseProcent=3
Item: Augmented Nauthiz Belt Melee hpFlat=15000, pow=1000, attackMagicAllFlat=-4000, defenseAllFlat=13000, defenseAllMultiplier=9, defenseAllDecreaseProcent=3, defensePveFlat=3250
Item: Augmented Manus Blade hpFlat=20000, str=1800, dex=2000, pow=1000, attackAllFlat=60000, attackAllMultiplier=50, defenseAllFlat=6000, defenseAllMultiplier=9, defenseAllEvasion=200, defensePveFlat=600
Item: Augmented Sauvagine hpFlat=20000, str=2000, dex=1150, pow=600, attackAllFlat=76000, attackAllMultiplier=50, defenseAllFlat=1000, defenseAllMultiplier=9, defenseAllEvasion=30, defensePveFlat=100
Item: Augmented Creationier hpFlat=20000, str=2000, dex=600, pow=600, attackAllFlat=75000, attackAllMultiplier=50, attackAllAccuracy=400, defenseAllFlat=2000, defenseAllMultiplier=9, defensePveFlat=200
Item: Augmented Destruction hpFlat=20000, str=1800, dex=1500, pow=800, attackAllFlat=60000, attackAllMultiplier=50, attackAllAccuracy=400, defenseAllFlat=6000, defenseAllMultiplier=9, defensePveFlat=600
Item: Augmented Measure hpFlat=15000, str=1000, spr=3700, pow=650, attackAllFlat=30000, attackAllMultiplier=50, attackMagicAllFlat=51000, debuffResistPenatration=1
Item: Augmented Hypnotic hpFlat=15000, str=1400, dex=1500, strPercentage=3, dexPercentage=10, attackAllFlat=18000, attackAllMultiplier=30, attackAllFlatPerLevel=180, attackAreaProcent=3, defenseAllFlat=1000, defensePveFlat=100
Item: Augmented Majestic Amulet str=500, spr=1000, dex=500, pow=500, dexPerBP=-100, attackAllMultiplier=11, attackMagicAllFlatPerLevel=29, attackAllHitChancePercentage=4, defenseAllFlat=2250, defensePvpFlat=1000
Item: Augmented Majestic Ring spr=2800, dexPerBP=-100, weightLimit=40, attackAllMultiplier=24, attackMagicAllFlat=13000, attackMagicAllFlatPerLevel=8, defensePvpFlat=1000
Item: Augmented Nauthiz Bracer hpFlat=15000, mpCostReductionPercentage=8, strPercentage=4, sprPercentage=4, dexPercentage=4, powPercentage=4, attackAllFlat=8000, attackMagicAllFlat=20000, defenseAllFlat=4000, defenseAllMultiplier=4, debuffResistPenatration=1
Item: Superior Nauthiz Helmet Mage hpFlat=16000, mpCostReductionPercentage=25, spr=1000, pickUpRadius=4, attackMagicAllFlat=2000, defenseAllFlat=9800, defenseAllMultiplier=15
Item: Superior Nauthiz Helmet Melee hpFlat=20000, mpCostReductionPercentage=25, dex=1000, pickUpRadius=4, attackMagicAllFlat=-4000, defenseAllFlat=12600, defenseAllMultiplier=15, defensePveFlat=3780
Item: Superior Nauthiz Armor Mage hpFlat=16000, str=600, spr=600, dex=600, pow=600, weightLimit=50, attackMagicAllFlat=2000, attackMagicAllFlatPerLevel=10, defenseAllFlat=28000, defenseAllMultiplier=15
Item: Superior Nauthiz Armor Melee hpFlat=20000, str=600, spr=600, dex=600, pow=600, attackAllFlatPerLevel=10, attackMagicAllFlat=-4000, defenseAllFlat=32200, defenseAllMultiplier=15, defensePveFlat=9660
Item: Superior Nauthiz Pants Mage hpFlat=16000, hpTotalProcent=5, spr=800, pow=600, weightLimit=120, attackMagicAllFlat=2000, defenseAllFlat=5600, defenseAllMultiplier=15
Item: Superior Nauthiz Pants Melee hpFlat=20000, hpTotalProcent=8, str=600, dex=600, pow=600, weightLimit=100, attackMagicAllFlat=-4000, defenseAllFlat=7000, defenseAllMultiplier=15, defensePveFlat=2100
Item: Superior Nauthiz Boots Mage hpFlat=16000, staminaProcent=25, staminaRegen=12, dex=1600, attackMagicAllFlat=2000, defenseAllFlat=8400, defenseAllMultiplier=15
Item: Superior Nauthiz Boots Melee hpFlat=20000, staminaProcent=25, staminaRegen=12, dex=1600, attackAllFlat=3000, attackMagicAllFlat=-4000, defenseAllFlat=11200, defenseAllMultiplier=15, defensePveFlat=3360
Item: Superior Nauthiz Shield Mage hpFlat=16000, pow=1500, attackMagicAllFlat=2000, defenseAllFlat=18200, defenseAllMultiplier=15, defenseAllDecreaseProcent=6
Item: Superior Nauthiz Shield Melee hpFlat=20000, pow=1500, attackMagicAllFlat=-4000, defenseAllFlat=21000, defenseAllMultiplier=15, defenseAllDecreaseProcent=8, defensePveFlat=6300
Item: Superior Nauthiz Gloves Mage hpFlat=16000, str=1500, pickUpRadius=5, attackMagicAllFlat=2000, defenseAllFlat=2800, defenseAllMultiplier=15
Item: Superior Nauthiz Gloves Melee hpFlat=20000, str=1500, pickUpRadius=5, attackAllFlat=3000, attackAllFlatPerLevel=30, attackMagicAllFlat=-4000, defenseAllFlat=3500, defenseAllMultiplier=15, defensePveFlat=1050
Item: Superior Nauthiz Belt Mage hpFlat=16000, pow=1200, attackMagicAllFlat=2000, defenseAllFlat=10500, defenseAllMultiplier=15, defenseAllDecreaseProcent=4
Item: Superior Nauthiz Belt Melee hpFlat=20000, pow=1200, attackMagicAllFlat=-4000, defenseAllFlat=14000, defenseAllMultiplier=15, defenseAllDecreaseProcent=5, defensePveFlat=4200
Item: Superior Manus Blade hpFlat=30000, str=2300, dex=2000, pow=1000, attackAllFlat=70000, attackAllMultiplier=60, defenseAllFlat=6000, defenseAllMultiplier=15, defenseAllEvasion=250, defensePveFlat=600
Item: Superior Sauvagine hpFlat=30000, str=2300, dex=1200, pow=600, attackAllFlat=83000, attackAllMultiplier=60, defenseAllFlat=1000, defenseAllMultiplier=15, defenseAllEvasion=400, defensePveFlat=100
Item: Superior Creationier hpFlat=30000, str=2600, dex=1000, pow=600, attackAllFlat=82000, attackAllMultiplier=60, attackAllAccuracy=500, defenseAllFlat=2000, defenseAllMultiplier=15, defensePveFlat=200
Item: Superior Destruction hpFlat=30000, str=2300, dex=1500, pow=800, attackAllFlat=70000, attackAllMultiplier=60, attackAllAccuracy=500, defenseAllFlat=6000, defenseAllMultiplier=15, defensePveFlat=600
Item: Superior Measure hpFlat=20000, str=1000, spr=4200, pow=650, attackAllFlat=40000, attackAllMultiplier=60, attackMagicAllFlat=55000, debuffResistPenatration=1
Item: Superior Hypnotic hpFlat=20000, str=2000, dex=1500, strPercentage=4, dexPercentage=12, attackAllFlat=20000, attackAllMultiplier=50, attackAllFlatPerLevel=200, attackAreaProcent=4, defenseAllFlat=1000, defensePveFlat=100
Item: Superior Majestic Amulet str=500, spr=1000, dex=500, pow=500, dexPerBP=-100, attackAllMultiplier=15, attackMagicAllFlatPerLevel=35, attackAllHitChancePercentage=4, defenseAllFlat=2500, defensePvpFlat=1500
Item: Superior Majestic Ring spr=3000, dexPerBP=-100, weightLimit=50, attackAllMultiplier=30, attackMagicAllFlat=16000, attackMagicAllFlatPerLevel=10, defensePvpFlat=1500
Item: Superior Nauthiz Bracer hpFlat=20000, mpCostReductionPercentage=10, strPercentage=5, sprPercentage=5, dexPercentage=5, powPercentage=5, attackAllFlat=10000, attackMagicAllFlat=25000, defenseAllFlat=5000, defenseAllMultiplier=5, debuffResistPenatration=1
Item: Exceptional Nauthiz Helmet Mage hpFlat=25000, mpCostReductionPercentage=30, spr=1400, pickUpRadius=4, attackMagicAllFlat=3000, defenseAllFlat=11200, defenseAllMultiplier=20
Item: Exceptional Nauthiz Helmet Melee hpFlat=30000, mpCostReductionPercentage=30, dex=1400, pickUpRadius=4, attackMagicAllFlat=-6000, defenseAllFlat=14400, defenseAllMultiplier=20, defensePveFlat=5040
Item: Exceptional Nauthiz Armor Mage hpFlat=25000, str=900, spr=900, dex=900, pow=900, weightLimit=60, attackMagicAllFlat=3000, attackMagicAllFlatPerLevel=12, defenseAllFlat=32000, defenseAllMultiplier=20
Item: Exceptional Nauthiz Armor Melee hpFlat=30000, str=900, spr=900, dex=900, pow=900, attackAllFlatPerLevel=10, attackMagicAllFlat=-6000, defenseAllFlat=36800, defenseAllMultiplier=20, defensePveFlat=12880
Item: Exceptional Nauthiz Pants Mage hpFlat=25000, hpTotalProcent=7, spr=1100, pow=800, weightLimit=130, attackMagicAllFlat=3000, defenseAllFlat=6400, defenseAllMultiplier=20
Item: Exceptional Nauthiz Pants Melee hpFlat=30000, hpTotalProcent=10, str=800, dex=800, pow=800, weightLimit=110, attackMagicAllFlat=-6000, defenseAllFlat=8000, defenseAllMultiplier=20, defensePveFlat=2800
Item: Exceptional Nauthiz Boots Mage hpFlat=25000, staminaProcent=30, staminaRegen=14, dex=2000, attackMagicAllFlat=3000, defenseAllFlat=9600, defenseAllMultiplier=20
Item: Exceptional Nauthiz Boots Melee hpFlat=30000, staminaProcent=30, staminaRegen=14, dex=2000, attackAllFlat=5000, attackMagicAllFlat=-6000, defenseAllFlat=12800, defenseAllMultiplier=20, defensePveFlat=4480
Item: Exceptional Nauthiz Shield Mage hpFlat=25000, pow=1900, attackMagicAllFlat=3000, defenseAllFlat=20800, defenseAllMultiplier=20, defenseAllDecreaseProcent=7
Item: Exceptional Nauthiz Shield Melee hpFlat=30000, pow=1900, attackMagicAllFlat=-6000, defenseAllFlat=24000, defenseAllMultiplier=20, defenseAllDecreaseProcent=9, defensePveFlat=8400
Item: Exceptional Nauthiz Gloves Mage hpFlat=25000, str=1900, pickUpRadius=5, attackMagicAllFlat=3000, defenseAllFlat=3200, defenseAllMultiplier=20
Item: Exceptional Nauthiz Gloves Melee hpFlat=30000, str=1900, pickUpRadius=5, attackAllFlat=5000, attackAllFlatPerLevel=30, attackMagicAllFlat=-6000, defenseAllFlat=4000, defenseAllMultiplier=20, defensePveFlat=1400
Item: Exceptional Nauthiz Belt Mage hpFlat=25000, pow=1500, attackMagicAllFlat=3000, defenseAllFlat=12000, defenseAllMultiplier=20, defenseAllDecreaseProcent=5
Item: Exceptional Nauthiz Belt Melee hpFlat=30000, pow=1500, attackMagicAllFlat=-6000, defenseAllFlat=16000, defenseAllMultiplier=20, defenseAllDecreaseProcent=6, defensePveFlat=5600
Item: Exceptional Manus Blade hpFlat=60000, str=3000, dex=2000, pow=1000, attackAllFlat=90000, attackAllMultiplier=70, defenseAllFlat=7000, defenseAllMultiplier=18, defenseAllEvasion=350, defensePveFlat=700
Item: Exceptional Sauvagine hpFlat=60000, str=3000, dex=1250, pow=600, attackAllFlat=103000, attackAllMultiplier=70, defenseAllFlat=1500, defenseAllMultiplier=18, defenseAllEvasion=500, defensePveFlat=150
Item: Exceptional Creationier hpFlat=60000, str=3200, dex=1500, pow=600, attackAllFlat=102000, attackAllMultiplier=70, attackAllAccuracy=700, defenseAllFlat=2500, defenseAllMultiplier=18, defensePveFlat=250
Item: Exceptional Destruction hpFlat=60000, str=3000, dex=1500, pow=800, attackAllFlat=90000, attackAllMultiplier=70, attackAllAccuracy=700, defenseAllFlat=7000, defenseAllMultiplier=18, defensePveFlat=700
Item: Exceptional Measure hpFlat=40000, str=1000, spr=4700, pow=650, attackAllFlat=60000, attackAllMultiplier=70, attackMagicAllFlat=65000, debuffResistPenatration=1
Item: Exceptional Hypnotic hpFlat=40000, str=2400, dex=1900, strPercentage=5, dexPercentage=14, attackAllFlat=20000, attackAllMultiplier=58, attackAllFlatPerLevel=230, attackAreaProcent=5, defenseAllFlat=1500, defensePveFlat=150
Item: Exceptional Majestic Amulet str=500, spr=1000, dex=500, pow=500, dexPerBP=-100, attackAllMultiplier=20, attackMagicAllFlatPerLevel=40, attackAllHitChancePercentage=5, defenseAllFlat=3000, defensePvpFlat=2500
Item: Exceptional Majestic Ring spr=3200, dexPerBP=-100, weightLimit=55, attackAllMultiplier=34, attackMagicAllFlat=20000, attackMagicAllFlatPerLevel=12, defensePvpFlat=2500
Item: Exceptional Nauthiz Bracer hpFlat=40000, mpCostReductionPercentage=10, strPercentage=6, sprPercentage=6, dexPercentage=6, powPercentage=6, attackAllFlat=20000, attackMagicAllFlat=30000, defenseAllFlat=6000, defenseAllMultiplier=6, debuffResistPenatration=1
Item base: Sunset Helm str=25, spr=35, dex=20, pow=20
Item base: Sunset Armor str=25, spr=25, dex=25, pow=25
Item base: Sunset Pants str=25, spr=25, dex=25, pow=25
Item base: Sunset Boots str=20, spr=25, dex=35, pow=20
Item base: Sunset Offhand str=20, spr=20, dex=20, pow=40
Item base: Sunset Gloves str=35, spr=20, dex=25, pow=20
Item base: Sunset Belt str=25, spr=25, dex=25, pow=25
Item base: Sunset Weapon str=50, spr=50, dex=50, pow=25
Item base: Sunset Necklace str=25, spr=35, dex=20, pow=20
Item base: Sunset Ring str=20, spr=50, dex=20, pow=10
Item base: Sunset Bracer str=25, spr=25, dex=25, pow=25
Item base: Sunset Helm Stage 5 str=30, spr=40, dex=25, pow=25
Item base: Sunset Armor Stage 5 str=30, spr=30, dex=30, pow=30
Item base: Sunset Pants Stage 5 str=30, spr=30, dex=30, pow=30
Item base: Sunset Boots Stage 5 str=25, spr=30, dex=40, pow=25
Item base: Sunset Offhand Stage 5 str=25, spr=25, dex=25, pow=45
Item base: Sunset Gloves Stage 5 str=40, spr=24, dex=30, pow=24
Item base: Sunset Belt Stage 5 str=30, spr=30, dex=30, pow=30
Item base: Sunset Weapon Stage 5 str=55, spr=55, dex=55, pow=30
Item base: Sunset Necklace Stage 5 str=30, spr=40, dex=25, pow=25
Item base: Sunset Ring Stage 5 str=25, spr=55, dex=25, pow=15
Item base: Sunset Bracer Stage 5 str=30, spr=30, dex=30, pow=30