Army System

1 Hover over "Army List" to view all active armies with their commander and own assets. This also shows the Icons that are still free to use when creating a new Army.
2 Shows basic Army information about the army you are in. When you hover over this panel it will show all stats you may gain when being in this Army.
3 Hover over "Members online" to show all of your Army Members and where they are.
4 Hover over each button to view its function.
5 As an Army Commander you can set Alliances with this button.
6 If the Army owns an Asset, this button will show up, which will allow you to warp to the Assets with a certain cooldown.
7 Add a friend (hover over "Friends online" to show who is online)
8 Remove a friend

How to create an Army?

  • Find the Army Hall in Street 2;
  • Click on the computer on the top of the map;
  • Click "Create and Army";
  • Enter the name of your new Army;
  • Select a icon you want to use (Hover over Army List to view available Icon numbers);
  • Confirm
  • A group of 5 level 300+ players who do not belong to an Army and the whole group needs to be in the Army Hall;
  • 25m gold;

Army Rank

Army Experience: Can gain army experience by:
  • Leveling up a 300+ character in an army;
  • Upgrading Sunsets;
  • Upgrading Items;
Extra Benefits: At Army rank 3 you can use the Army Bank. It will cost 1k gold for each action you perform in the Army Bank.
Rank 1:
Experience required:
hpProcent=1, expGroupProcent=1, spExpGroupProcent=1, defenseAllMultiplier=1
Rank 2:
Experience required:
hpProcent=2, expProcent=1, spExpProcent=1, dropRatePercentage=1, expGroupProcent=1, spExpGroupProcent=1, defenseAllMultiplier=2
Rank 3:
Experience required:
hpProcent=3, expProcent=1, spExpProcent=1, dropRatePercentage=2, expGroupProcent=2, spExpGroupProcent=2, defenseAllMultiplier=4
Rank 4:
Experience required:
hpProcent=4, expProcent=2, spExpProcent=2, dropRatePercentage=3, expGroupProcent=2, spExpGroupProcent=2, defenseAllMultiplier=6
Rank 5:
Experience required:
hpProcent=5, expProcent=2, spExpProcent=2, dropRatePercentage=4, expGroupProcent=3, spExpGroupProcent=3, defenseAllMultiplier=9
Rank 6:
Experience required:
hpProcent=6, expProcent=3, spExpProcent=3, dropRatePercentage=5, expGroupProcent=3, spExpGroupProcent=3, defenseAllMultiplier=12


Name Benefit
HQ hpProcent=5, dropRatePercentage=1, expGroupProcent=1, spExpGroupProcent=1
Food Shop 1 hpProcent=2, goldDiscount=2
Food Shop 2 hpProcent=3, goldDiscount=3


Friendly Fire: With the button "Friendly Fire" at the right bottom of you Army menu (f8), you can toggle Friendly Fire On/Off. When "On" you won't hit Army Members in for example Battle Simulation.
Commander Benefits: The following benefits apply when being a Commander of an Army:
expGroupProcent=3, spExpGroupProcent=3
Lieutenant Benefits: The following benefits apply when being a Lieutenant of an Army:
expGroupProcent=2, spExpGroupProcent=2
Member Benefits: The following benefits apply when being a Member of an Army: