Item Sharding

On this page you will find information about the steps to shard or skill shard an item!
  1. Soul Shard Fragment and Sharding;
  2. Soul Shard Skill, Soul Shard Skill Slotter and Skill Sharding;

Soul Shard Fragment and Sharding

Basic information - Soul Shard Fragment:

  • can be used to further enhance an item at Philars Frozen Body (Himalayan Cave);
  • is required in your inventory when sharding;
  • can only be used on "Shardable" items ;
  • can be obtained by killing monsters (seek in droplist);
  • each slot (weapon, helm, pants etc.) has a different set of static stat options that will be added to the item as a result of sharding;


Insert shardable item

Take note the item can be destroyed

View the result on the item
You can shard items to increase certain stats!

  • Go to Philars Body in Himalayan Cave;
  • Click the "Try to shard an item!" option;
  • Enter a shardable item;
  • Verify if the output is desired and take note that the inserted may dissapear in the proces;
  • Press "OK" to Shard the inserted item;
  • The ouput is either the item dissapears or will be added to your inventory with extra stats;
Can also remove the shard option again, but you have a 20% chance to break the item again when trying to shard the item again

Shard Transfusion

There is a rumor that you can transfuse an existing sharded item into another item with 8% chance in Signus Valley!

Soul Shard Skill, Soul Shard Skill Slotter and Skill Sharding

Basic information - Soul Shard Skill:

  • is used to further enhance a skill;
  • a skill shard basicly contains a skill upgrade which, when the Skill Shard is equipped, adds the skill upgrade to your skill;
  • can be obtained by killing monsters (seek in droplist). There are different tiers of skill shards;
  • you have a special window to store shards (see left bottom of Inventory);
  • you have a special window to equip shards. You start out with 1 slot and can open more slots at Philars Frozen Body with Soul Shard Skill (Un)Slotter;
  • up to level 750 you can freely swap Skill Shards, but after that you require to be near Philars Frozen Body;


Name Slot Stats
General DR % 1 All defenseAllDecreaseProcent=1
General DR % 2 All defenseAllDecreaseProcent=2
General DR % 3 All defenseAllDecreaseProcent=3
General Def Eff 1 All defenseAllArmorEfficiency=1
General Def Eff 2 All defenseAllArmorEfficiency=2
General Def Eff 3 All defenseAllArmorEfficiency=3
General Dex 1 All dex=100
General Dex 2 All dex=200
General Dex 3 All dex=300
General Dex 4 All dex=400
General Dex 5 All dex=500
General Evasion per level 1 All defenseAllEvasionPerLevel=3
General Evasion per level 2 All defenseAllEvasionPerLevel=6
General Evasion per level 3 All defenseAllEvasionPerLevel=10
General Pow 1 All pow=100
General Pow 2 All pow=200
General Pow 3 All pow=300
General Shard Exp % All expProcent=1
General Shard HP 1 All hpProcent=1
General Shard HP 2 All hpProcent=2
General Shard Miss % All defenseAllMissChancePercentage=1
General Shard SP Exp % All spExpProcent=2
General Spr 1 All spr=100
General Spr 2 All spr=200
General Spr 3 All spr=300
General Spr 4 All spr=400
General Spr 5 All spr=500
General Str 1 All str=100
General Str 2 All str=200
General Str 3 All str=300
General Str 4 All str=400
General Str 5 All str=500
General attack % 1 All attackAllMultiplier=1
General attack % 2 All attackAllMultiplier=2
General attack % 3 All attackAllMultiplier=3
Helm MP Reduction 1 Helm mpCostReductionPercentage=2
Helm MP Reduction 2 Helm mpCostReductionPercentage=4
Helm MP Reduction 3 Helm mpCostReductionPercentage=6
Armor Shard HP % 1 Armor hpProcent=1
Armor Shard HP % 2 Armor hpProcent=3
Armor Shard HP % 3 Armor hpProcent=5
Pants Shard Weight Limit 1 Pants weightLimit=40
Pants Shard Weight Limit 2 Pants weightLimit=80
Pants Shard Weight Limit 3 Pants weightLimit=120
Boots Shard Movementspeed 1 Boots movementSpeed=10
Boots Shard Movementspeed 2 Boots movementSpeed=20
Boots Shard Movementspeed 3 Boots movementSpeed=30
Boots movementspeed 1 Boots movementSpeed=10
Boots movementspeed 2 Boots movementSpeed=20
Boots movementspeed 3 Boots movementSpeed=30
Shield Shard DR 1 Off hand defenseAllDecreaseProcent=4
Shield Shard DR 2 Off hand defenseAllDecreaseProcent=5
Shield Shard Def Eff 1 Off hand defenseAllArmorEfficiency=4
Shield Shard Def Eff 2 Off hand defenseAllArmorEfficiency=5
Gloves Animation Speed 1 Gloves animationSpeed=-3
Gloves Animation Speed 2 Gloves animationSpeed=-6
Gloves Animation Speed 3 Gloves animationSpeed=-10
Belt Shard Attack % 1 Belt attackAllMultiplier=4
Belt Shard Attack % 2 Belt attackAllMultiplier=5
Belt Shard HP % 1 Belt hpProcent=3
Belt Shard HP % 2 Belt hpProcent=4
Belt Shard HP % 3 Belt hpProcent=5
Weapon Attack Per Level 1 Weapon attackAllFlatPerLevel=5
Weapon Attack Per Level 2 Weapon attackAllFlatPerLevel=10
Weapon Attack Per Level 3 Weapon attackAllFlatPerLevel=15
Weapon Damage % 1 Weapon attackAllMultiplier=2
Weapon Damage % 2 Weapon attackAllMultiplier=4
Weapon Damage % 3 Weapon attackAllMultiplier=6
Weapon M Attack Per Level 1 Weapon attackMagicAllFlatPerLevel=5
Weapon M Attack Per Level 2 Weapon attackMagicAllFlatPerLevel=10
Weapon M Attack Per Level 3 Weapon attackMagicAllFlatPerLevel=15
Amulet Shard All stat 1 Necklace str=50, spr=50, dex=50, pow=50
Amulet Shard All stat 2 Necklace str=150, spr=150, dex=150, pow=150
Amulet Shard All stat 3 Necklace str=300, spr=300, dex=300, pow=300
Bracer Shard stat per 10 levels 1 Bracers strPerLevel=1, sprPerLevel=1, dexPerLevel=1, powPerLevel=1
Bracer Shard stat per 10 levels 2 Bracers strPerLevel=2, sprPerLevel=2, dexPerLevel=2, powPerLevel=2
Bracer Shard stat per 10 levels 3 Bracers strPerLevel=3, sprPerLevel=3, dexPerLevel=3, powPerLevel=3
Bracer Shard stat per 10 levels 4 Bracers strPerLevel=4, sprPerLevel=4, dexPerLevel=4, powPerLevel=4