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Redmoon2 1.4 - Signus patch launches on 15-09

13th September, 2022, 14:00:00     GMSunset

Hello Redmoon Enthusiast,

So, you have unpacked your suitcase from your holidays and you're on your way right back to school and/or work? Want to get some excitement in those lingering days? We've got you covered -- come take one last summer trip with us... to Signus!

Redmoon2 is dropping Patch 1.4 this week, which includes a ton of new skills, monsters, and maps, introduces the Army system, a friends list system, and the eighth character: Sadad!

Here is a short promo on what you can expect!

Along with a ton of new content, we will also be kicking off TWO brand new, major events! One will feature a unique item hunt, and the other... a portal to your worst nightmare.

What are you waiting for? Check out the patch notes and connect with us through Discord!


GM Team