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3rd January, 2022, 12:32:49     GMSunset

As of today a new event has started called "THE HUNT", granting the winner a fresh pair of... FRESH BREEZE!

What is this event about? Create a brand new character (need to be created after 2nd of January) and gain points by doing the following:

  • Level up;
  • Skill level up;
  • Performing upgrades;
  • Gaining item drops;

You can also lose points by dying. The person that is number 1 at 31 januari 2022 23:59 will win the FRESH BREEZE when the next patch launches.

Follow up prices:

  • 2: 1/2 Durability price of Fresh Breeze;
  • 3: 1/4 Durability price of Fresh Breeze;
  • 4: 1/6 Durability price of Fresh Breeze;
  • 5: 1/8 Durability price of Fresh Breeze;
  • 6-10: 1/10 Durability price of Fresh Breeze;
  • 11-20: 1/20 Durability price of Fresh Breeze;

(will be send out when the next patch launches somewhere in February)

Please note that this Fresh Breeze will be less powerful than the old pair of boots in Redmoon1. You can choose if you want your attack or movement speed to be increased by a t.b.d. number.

You can find the ranking page at (updated every 5 minutes):

For the formula:

  • Level points = Level * (10 + (level / 10)
  • Skill points = Skill points
  • Upgrade points = Each upgraded item level (1 upgrade on training item for example = +350-430 points)
  • Item drop points = Each killing blow you delivered on a monster that dropped a rare equipable item, that item level / 2
  • Deaths = deaths * (100 - deaths)
Subject to change in the first week

Happy hunting!!!