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Redmoon Classic & Redmoon2

23rd June, 2019, 18:44:52     GMSunset

As some might already know, Redmoon2 developers and the staff of Redmoon Classic share a few members:)! While development of Redmoon2 slowly continues, we would like to point out Redmoon Classic is still up and running! Not only that, there will be updates on RMC as well. To make it even better, everyone that donated to Redmoon2 so far (no new donations) can now claim donations tookens on Redmoon Classic. So if you donated here, let us know at and tell us your ingame name on RMC. Please send this message from the e-mail you used to donate. You will be given the same amount of tookens you would normally get on RMC for the dollars you donated!

Watch the RMC website closely, updates are near..:)

2nd April, 2018, 01:46:26     GorgoTD


26th June, 2019, 03:07:47     astanix

Why is this striked thru now?

26th June, 2019, 22:29:18     GMSunset

Hello Astanix,

This compensation is no longer active. Alle donators including the ones that received compensation on RMC will still receive benefits at RM2 whenever IT launches.

2nd January, 2020, 06:37:23     MrWizard

Well, it looks like Raven had things paid up to Dec 31st, 2019? RMC appears to be truly offline (for good?)

3rd January, 2020, 08:03:35     GMSunset

We are looking into it. Try to join our facebook group Redmoon Users or add me on facebook so I can invite you (Robin Brunekreeft).