1. You must be at least 18 years old to accept these terms and conditions.
  2. By creating an account, using the website, installing the game, donating or clicking the acceptance checkbox, you agree to and consent to be bound by all of the terms and conditions stated in these terms and conditions. If you do not agree to all of the terms and conditions you must not access, use or install any part of Redmoon2.
  3. The Redmoon2 GameMasters (GM) may revise the terms and conditions at any time. A period of 7 days is set after which the revised terms and conditions will be effective. By accepting the terms and conditions you agree to revisit the terms and conditions page periodically and continued use of the website, game and / or Discord will mean you accept the revised terms and conditions. If you disagree with the revised terms and conditions, you may terminate your account or stop using anything Redmoon2 related.
  4. Redmoon2 is a hobby project and should be regarded as such. The Game Masters are in no way liable for anything or any violation of the law by its player base.


  1. All accounts are owned by the Redmoon2 GameMasters and by accepting these terms and conditions you acknowledge and agree that the account you’ve created and what is on it (or anything game and / or donation related that is connected to it) is not yours or yours to claim.
  2. In addition to 2.1., (un)willingly violating the rules (3.) may result in a temporary block or permanent account termination, decided by the GameMasters, with or without notice or further explanation. As the account or anything on it is not yours, you cannot claim back the account or anything that was on it.
  3. An automated flagging system, both client and server side, will monitor any suspicious or illegal in-game activities. This system may block the account until further notice. The GameMasters will investigate the flagged activities, after which a punishment might be in place (2.1. and 2.2.). Wrongly flagged activities will be used for feedback to improve this system. If you are not doing anything wrong, do not worry.
  4. Unfair gain through illegal activities might result in a permanent account termination, as stated in 2.2. If the GameMasters decide to let it go with a warning, the unfair gain will be removed or reduced accordingly, which includes character deletion.
  5. GameMasters will never ask you for account information. Anyone that does request your account information ought to be disgarded immediately.
  6. Account access safety is in your control. Scanning your computer for malicious activities regularly is recommended. If your account has been compromised, that is on you and help from the GameMasters might be limited to none. 
  7. GameMasters will not sell your information as its sole purpose is to protect the account you created. (7.)
  8. Redmoon2 (game/website/discord) can be terminated whenever it's decided by the GameMasters(2.1.). This includes not being able to pay the server rent or maintenance due to lack of donations(5.).


(Violating any of the rules may result in a temporary block or a permanent account termination, 2.1. and 2.2.)

  1. By accepting these terms and conditions you acknowledge and agree that you are not permitted for any reason or under any circumstances to hack, attempt file decryptions, crack encryptions, use cheats and/or memory altering scripts or codes or utilize unauthorized third-party manipulations programs (including macros), re-packer programs, game or client altering software or client re-interpretation methods or codes to alter the play experience or gain an unfair advantage in Redmoon2. This includes modification of the client UI.
  2. Racial, anti-semitic, hateful, or sexist speech, spreading religious idealologies or any form of harrasment or harmful attacks (incl. spreading false rumours about players or GameMasters / GameCouncelors) directed at or about particular groups or individuals are not tolerated. An automated chat monitoring system will block out words and using certain words will result in a direct chat restriction. Continuous violation of this rule may result in a permanent termination of the account. (This also includes inappropriate character names.)
  3. You may not impersonate another player, a GameMaster or a GameCounselor, or use a name that refers to one.
  4. Selling, trading or sharing your account is prohibited and inadvisable. Trading anything from in-game for real life currency, will immediately result in an account termination.
  5. Advertising in-game or on Discord is prohibited. 
  6. Bug abuse is prohibited. When you come across a bug, you report it. Silently abusing the bug(s) and / or sharing them will immediately result in an account termination.
  7. Posting / sharing malicious or otherwise harmful links in-game or on Discord is prohibited.
  8. Posting / sharing inappropriate content (f.e. pictures or videos) is prohibited.
  9. Scamming or otherwise taking advantage of other players is prohibited.
  10. Sending inappropriate content, troll messages, untrue, misleading or otherwise deceiving or altered information through the report system(s) is prohibited.
  11. In addition to 3.10. you will not deceive any of the GameMasters or GameCouncelors (GC) in any way.
  12. You will not use any of the Redmoon2 services as a platform to organise crime, terroristic attacks or anything that would otherwise violate the Dutch law.
  13. You may not share personal data or that of others in-game, on the website or on Discord.


  1. We are not responsible for your health or actions. Through ingame content, patches and events we will provide you with the best Redmoon2 experience we think is possible. You may find yourself not being able to stop playing and / or experience fear of missing out. If you do, you may want to take a break from gaming in general. If the symptoms stay, we advise you to seek professional help.
  2. In order to stay healthy we recommend you to stretch and do light exercise on a daily basis, while also eating healthy and maintaining a healthy sleeping pattern. Take small breaks while playing Redmoon2 and do some chores in between to clear your mind. Breathing exercises are a great way of letting go when you feel stressed out after a hard grind.
  3. As a small incentive we will send an hourly message to your character ingame with random tips for exercises, stretches or some fun and active challenges.
  4. In addition to 4.1. we want to advise you to seek professional help if you notice your mental or physical health is declining when you can't control yourself anymore. We are not responsible for you or your health, but we want to help you stay healthy, as stated in 4.2. and 4.3.
  5. Redmoon2 is a fantasy game and should be regarded as such. Do not reenact anything ingame that could harm, endanger, kill or otherwise hurt you or others outside of the game in any way. If you find yourself having thoughts about this, seek professional help. 
  6. In addition to 4.5. Redmoon2 has in-game content that resembles, although imaginative, performance enhancing substances. It is all fantasy and should not be reenacted outside of the game. If you feel the urge to do so, we strongly advise you to seek professional help.


  1. Your donation(s) will directly support the server rent, patches, events and future updates. Without donations, Redmoon2 cannot exist.
  2. As stated on the donation page, donations are final. By donating, you acknowledge and agree you will not refund (or “reclaim”, incl. chargebacks etc.) the donation.
  3. As a token of gratitude, in return for your donation, you will receive an in-game currency called “Donation Tokens”. An in-game Donation Tokens gift shop is set up with cosmetic and luxury items to aid you in your journey.
  4. Refunding your donation after receiving “Donation Tokens” is considered fraud. We will terminate your account immediately and follow the logged “Donation Tokens-trail” in-game. Any other accounts that were connected to this trail, will also be terminated. Also, we will escalate the matter with proof that we have your consent and you “received what you donated for”. By donating you also acknowledge and agree that any chargeback fees caused by this form of cyber fraud will be on your charge.
  5. Like all other things related to your account, “Donation Tokens” is no exception to 2.1. You do not own the Donation Tokens and cannot refund the Donation Tokens in any way as it is not “yours”.
  6. If you do not have the financial resources to donate, do not donate. We are not responsible for your financial situation and to prevent account termination by refunding, we strongly advise you to not donate if you are not financially stable. You can buy Donation Tokens from other players with various other (non-donation) in-game currencies to your liking.
  7. If you donated to get Donation Tokens and you changed your mind, you can ask for a refund on the Donation Tokens within 30 days. However, if you use the Donation Tokens in any way, you will no longer be able to ask for a refund(5.2.). Simply click the following link to mail your request with the following info: Username (no password(2.5.)), a screenshot of both your donation and the Donation Tokens amount ingame with your character etc. in frame. We will look into the matter and refund the donation accordingly.
  8. If you violate the rules and your account gets terminated or temporarily blocked and you refund your donation(s), this will be handled the same as stated in 5.4. When you did not use your Donation Tokens, you can ask for a refund as stated in 5.7.


  1. We are not responsible for what you or others write in-game or post on Discord. Any suspicious, malicious or otherwise harmful links(3.6) ought to be reported. GameMasters do not request your account information or any personal information ever (2.5.).
  2. We are not responsible for what any third parties write in-game or post on Discord. Advertising or trying to trick you into following links should be reported.


  1. Which data do we process?
    1. Your name, account/character name, password and email address.
      1. Why do we process this data?
        1. To grant access to the game and website.
        2. For account protection and / or password retrieving.
        3. Your account/character will be used to publicly identify you on f.e. discord or the website.
    2. Data on your in-game behavior, such as chat logs, character movement, casting times, item purchases and trades, etc. (This data will also be monitored by an automated flagging system, detecting suspicious in-game behavior.)
      1. Why do we process this data?
        1. To detect cheating.
        2. To improve the systems.
        3. To detect violation of the game’s rules.
  2. Only GameMasters and GameCouncelors are authorized to (re)view this data.
  3. As already stated in 2.7. we will not sell your (personal) data, as the only use is stated in 7.1.
  4. If you want to exert your right to f.e. terminate your account, you can mail us with your request. For further information about your rights go to: https://autoriteitpersoonsgegevens.nl/nl/onderwerpen/algemene-informatie-avg/rechten-van-betrokkenen#wat-houdt-het-recht-op-dataportabiliteit-in-6345 (For english, click “EN” at the top of the website.)
  5. Apart from login sessions, we do not store cookies.
  6. We are amateurs and try our best to create the best Redmoon2 experience while also keeping the game and website as secure as possible. However, we cannot guarantee that the security is 100% waterproof. For that reason, we strongly advise you to not use passwords you already use for other websites, games or other forms of login/accounts.
  7. Third party data:
    1. Data gets processed through Microsoft Azure and Hosting2go within the EEA (European Economic Area).
  8. Client side data:
    1. Screenshots you make get saved on your device. 
    2. Game settings that you set to your liking get saved on your client, such as quick buttons, etc. 
Last updated at: May 29 2023 10:32:58